Voyager Project Status

What's New

3 November 2003: Added debian woody bootstrap system for 2.6

2 January 2003: Voyager is now fully functional in the vanilla 2.5.54 kernel

25 November 2002: Upport to 2.5.49

19 October 2002: Upport to 2.5.44

1 October 2002: Upport to 2.5.40

20 September 2002: New version of 2.4.19 including a 4100 boot fix by Gabriel Gomiz

1 September 2002: Upport to 2.5.33 plus TLS fixes in the voyager code.

29 August 2002: Upport to 2.5.32 (new boot time GDT) plus new 2.4.19 with fix for non-zero boot cpu problem

18 August 2002: Upport to 2.5.31; fix non-zero boot cpu problem.

8 August 2002: Upports to 2.5.30 and 2.4.19

17 July 2002: Upport to 2.5.26.

8 June 2002: Upport to 2.5.21.

11 May 2002: Upport to 2.5.15.

26 April 2002: Upport to 2.5.10.  Also includes one line fix for migration thread boot sequence.

16 April 2002: Upport to 2.5.8. Bitkeeper files now hosted at

24 March 2002: Up port to 2.5.7. Eliminated last vestiges of split files.  No voyager improvements.

11 March 2002: Up port to 2.5.6.  Split out arch/i386 into separate sub architecture directories.

26 February 2002: imported all 2.5 fixes to 2.4.18.

22 February 2002: Up ported to 2.5.5 (fixed D wait of voyagerd).

12 February 2002: Up ported to 2.5.4 (small threading changes).

8 February 2002: Up ported to 2.5.3 (mainly new scheduler fixes).

17 January 2002: Up ported to 2.5.2.

23 December 2001: Fixed bug causing system type to be mis-reported by top.  Initial up-port to 2.5 kernel.

17 November 2001: Updated boot sequence for new %cr2 task handling (no voyager feature additions).

8 September 2001: Updated boot sequence to cope with new a20 gate stuff.  Added experimental dual CPU boot for 4100 quad cards.

23 July 2001: Added poweroff, panel switch (machine will shutdown gracefully and power off) and internal UPS support (L5 only).  Also added preliminary 51xx support and Dump switch (prints a stack and process trace) support.

28 May 2001: Added support for Level 4 Architecture (3360/3430).  Updated D700 driver to version 2.1.

11 May 2001: Updated D700 driver to version 2.0: adds tag queueing, fixes rare data overrun bug causing fs corruption.  Updated boot images and kernels with new D700 driver.

29 April 2001: Added functional Dual 700 SCSI driver and constructed RedHat 7.1 boot system for i486 and i586

19 March 2001:  Added correct CAT bus probing and Quad card support for 2.4.2-ac20.  (NOTE: Quad card boot is still not working).

31 March 2001:  Finally fixed Quad card boot.  In theory this means that complete quad systems (e.g. 4100, 5100) will now boot OK.  Updated Quad card support to use correct Quad CPI vectors.

Implemented Features

  • Essential Voyager configuration (SUS memory map, reboot, power off).
  • SMP Support:
    • 486 (Mono and Dyad).
    • 586 (Dyad and Quad).
    • 686 (Quad may work but untested).
  • Processor Affinity (2.4).
  • New Dual 700 driver (includes tag command queueing).
  • Level 4 (3360/3430) Support.  Please note, there seem to be two totally separate Level 4 types.  The specs I have implemented are for the voyagers containing the Fred and Dino ASICS.  If this doesn't work for you, please let me know.
  • 51xx 8 CPU slot support.  I think the CPU remappings for the 32 way box now work.  If anyone tries this, I'd be interested in your experiences.


  • Figure out what's wrong with >1 devices with the Q720 driver and fix it.
  • Write new Q720 driver to support Wide and 770 chips + differential support.
  • System Interrupt support: Use the CAT Bus to find out what's wrong and fix it, ignore it or simply whine to the console about it.
  • Secondary Microchannel Support.
  • test the 5100 support (Difficult since I don't actually have one of these).  This is the 32 way beast, though.